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Join thousands of savers in the UK who save real money, for their dream goals, automatically with PiggyPot.

The PiggyPot App
The PiggyPot App
Budget for anything

Budget for anything from ISA Deposits to Holidays

Setup PiggyPots to save for as many things as you like, track your progress and hit your savings goals in no time.

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Complete control

Complete control over how to save, do it your way

You have control. Set when you want to start saving, your target date and deposit frequency for each goal.

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Always get the best price

Track your progress and meet your goals

Check back regulary to see your savings grow. Keep going and you'll meet your savings goals in no time!

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Our promise


Your money is safe with PiggyPot

Deposits made to PiggyPot are stored with our FCA regulated payment provider, MangoPay who work directly with Barclays Bank. Your money can never be lent out by the bank, ensuring it's always available for withdrawal.


We take security seriously

The security of your money and personal data is our utmost priority. We adhere closesly to the latest standards in financial security, applying modern tools and techniques to protect our system 24/7. Read how we protect our users.


Saving with us will always be free

It’s 100% free to download & use. We never charge for any deposits or withdrawals.

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What people think

As a young mother I have lots of things to save up for from baby clothes to Christmas, but I don't have the time to really manage my savings. PiggyPot has helped me save up for a few things I need like my Christmas shopping.
Tara Purdy
Tara Purdy 26 year old mother-of-one
I've tried to save up for a new bike before but I always end up wasting my savings on other things. Thankfully, I recently discovered PiggyPot and it’s made it dead easy for me to save automatically! I’ll have my bike within the year :)
Michael Young
Michael Young 30 year old Entrepreneur