PiggyPot Version 1.10 - Introducing new digital gift cards & bonuses!

Great news in the App Store today PiggyPotters! Our new PiggyPot Version 1.10 is now live and available for download. Just in time for Christmas we’ve brought you awesome new digital gift cards with some exceptional bonuses.

At PiggyPot we’re always trying to help people get the most they possibly can from their savings. That’s why with this release, we’re introducing ten great new digital gift cards with up to 5% bonuses that you can get directly from the app!

Saving for your dream Holiday?

With this exciting new version you can now withdraw your savings as a Thomas Cook eGift card. So if you’re saving up for the perfect getaway you will receive an impressive 5% bonus on top of your savings. You can use this gift card towards Thomas Cook travel products including holidays, accommodation, flights, travel insurance and more :)

For example if you use PiggyPot to save £1,200 for your dream Caribbean holiday, you can use your pot balance to buy a digital Thomas Cook eGift card worth £1,260. That’s an amazing £60 bonus towards your holiday - for free!

This update also sees the addition of Hotel Voucher Shop eGift cards! So you’re never stuck for choice when choosing the perfect holiday.

Dream holiday

Planning on attending all your favourite events in 2017?

Good news entertainment lovers! With this new release you can now buy digital Ticketmaster e-Gift cards with your pot balance. Ticketmaster is the market leader for online ticket purchasing in the UK - offering tickets for music, theatre, sports, arts and more.

If you use PiggyPot to save up for upcoming events you can now receive a 5% on top of your pot balance when you withdraw your savings on to a Ticketmaster eGift card :)

For example if you’re saving £200 for a Reading Festival ticket in August next year you can use your pot balance to buy a digital Ticketmaster eGift card worth £210. Saving you a handy £10 to buy your ticket with. That’s at least 2 beers while you’re there ;) It’s a win win situation in our eyes!

Favourite events

Want to get someone the perfect present?

Whether you’re saving to get that special someone something or to simply treat yourself PiggyPot now has more options than ever to get what you want - with a bonus! We’ve introduced House of Fraser, Debenhams and Arcadia eGift cards and when you buy one with your pot balance you will receive a useful 5% on top of your savings :)

Depending on which eGift card you choose there is a wide variety of presents you could purchase from home furnishings and kitchenware, to the latest fashions, beauty products and jewellery.

For example maybe you’re saving up to surprise your girlfriend with that bag she’s been not so subtly hinting for, for Christmas - such as this Mulberry Tote from House of Fraser. If you save up £995 to buy it and withdraw it to a House of Fraser gift card you’ll get a free bonus of £49.75! Amazing - you can now sort out your brothers present too, for free!

Perfect present

Can’t wait to purchase the latest tech?

We’ve seen our PiggyPot users eagerness to save for the newest tech products, and with version 1.10 you can now withdraw your pot balance onto a Currys/PC World gift card. Doing this will give you a great 5% bonus and can be really worth your while when you’re splashing out for costly gadgets.

With Apple’s expensive price tags it helps to start saving in advance for their newest products. By saving up with PiggyPot for the new 13" Macbook Pro with Touch Bar, priced at £1,749.00, you would receive a 5% bonus on top of your balance when withdrawing as a Currys eGift Card. This gives you a massive bonus of £87.50 - which you’ll probably have to spend buying Apple dongles ;) Alongside the above digital gift cards this new release also sees the introduction of Mothercare and Early Learning Centre cards. Great for the run up to a new baby, Christmas or Birthdays! Tesco and Amazon cards are also available to buy with your pot balance.

Latest tech

Whether you’re saving for a holiday, electronic product, clothes or an event, we have you covered with gift cards to suit your saving goals. Just select your digital gift card of choice when it’s time to withdraw to get the extra free on top of your savings.

That’s not all! With PiggyPot the new minimum deposit amount is now £1 instead of £5, giving you all the flexibility you need whilst saving for your goals.

This update also includes a new card verification process, and we’ve also squashed a few bugs along the way! If you’re a current user or a new user be sure to download the new version of PiggyPot and reap the rewards of our Piggy bonuses. Happy saving!

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Jemma Eagleson

Jemma is a talented illustrator and marketer on a year long internship with PiggyPot.

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