PiggyPot Version 1.6 - Move Your Deposits and More!

Great news savvy savers! Today we’re happy to announce that we've released a brand new version of PiggyPot - now on the App Store. We’ve added some new, exciting features and made some great improvements to help you save as simply as possible.

Deposits Can Be Moved - Forwards or Backwards!

Here at PiggyPot we understand that sometimes life gets in the way and you need to change the date of your deposit in line with your current finances. Our new update gives you the ability to easily move your depositing date for each pot backwards or forwards, even after it has been created.

This exciting new feature gives you ultimate flexibility and means you can change the date of your deposit to suit you and your budget.

Move Deposits

Simplified and Improved Pot Setup

One of the biggest improvements we’ve made with Version 1.6 is simplifying how you set up a saving pot. We’ve added a beautifully re-designed calendar interface for selecting a start and end date for your pot. Adding this will allow you to see more clearly what dates you want and help you to save more effectively.

Another highlight of this update is that it shows much better visibility of weekly and monthly deposit options. Having this data readily available means you can make a more informed decision on what deposit option would suit you better financially.

New pot setup

New Saving Statistics

The my pots screen now gives you a quick overview of exactly how much you have currently saved in your pots and an overall total of what you have saved with the app.

We felt it was important that this information was easily accessible so that you always know how much money you have in your pots collectively, with no need to add it up yourself.

New saving stats

Pending Deposits View

Knowing when deposits are coming out of your bank account is essential to good money management. This is why we created a fresh new way to view your pending deposits. Version 1.6 allows you to clearly see pending payments for each individual pot and the total amount due to come out on a certain date.

This essential feature will help you to plan out and budget for when each deposit will be made. Viewing when future payments will be taken will also allow you to see if you need to move certain depositing dates.

Pending deposits view

Our goal is to help you save as easily as possible and reach your goals by letting the PiggyPot app do all the work for you. Download and enjoy Version 1.6 now - we look forward to hearing what you think!

About the author

Jemma Eagleson

Jemma is a talented illustrator and marketer on a year long internship with PiggyPot.

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