The First PiggyBreak

As a product team with an app to launch, it’s easy to get swept up in your work as you feverishly push to get your product into the real world. And, since we operate a remote working policy, we’re not always in the same place to discuss and develop some of those all important early product life cycle decisions.

So we thought to help us make a big push in the run up to our launch it would be a great idea to take the team on our first official PiggyBreak! A week long trip full of hacking and decision making, but most importantly the opportunity to have some fun in the sun. We decided to hit the South of Spain, booked a villa and off we went.

At the time of arrival we were a couple of weeks into the design and build of our first iOS application. We had a pretty firm idea already about what we were making, but there were still a lot of specific details to work out. Right away the close knit development environment helped us make quick product decisions. We tried not to spend too long over-thinking things, spending as much time developing instead. Our goal was to get the main user flow of the app (setting up a saving pot and selecting a withdrawal method) operational before we flew home to sunny Belfast.

As we cracked through our Trello backlog at a good pace, we couldn’t resist cracking open a few beers (hey we were on holiday after all, kinda). As much as we tried to keep the drinking to a minimum, there was one memorable night in Puerto Banús where we may have gotten a bit merry. During the night I introduced some of the more senior members of our team to the joys of Snapchat lenses, and Will really got that PiggyParty feeling!


Once the hangovers were gone we got right back into the swing of things and developed out the app user interface and interactions. It was great to finally get to use the app we’d been dreaming of - there’s nothing quite like bringing an idea to life. Having something real to test helped us spot a few issues we hadn’t anticipated before we flew home.

Working in Spain

I’ll leave you with some of photos of the remaining PiggyBreak highlights, including a two-a-side football match Gavin and I would prefer not to talk about.


We had a great time, making some fantastic progress on the PiggyPot iOS application. We’ve already started scouting locations for our next PiggyBreak - if there’s somewhere you think would really fuel our productivity then let us know!

About the author

Steven Hylands

Head of Product at PiggyPot. Former Founder and Creative Director at Rumble Labs. I also capture the Irish landscape when it's not raining.

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