Our mission is to make saving for your goals simple

PiggyPot was founded in 2014 with the aim of addressing the imbalance between how easy it is to get into debt, and how difficult it is to save. We felt like it should be at least as easy to save, since saving is a great way to help individuals and families stay in control of their finances.

Saving Pots

Our Values


Ensure everything we hold on behalf of our customers, whether information or funds, is kept safe and secure.


We strive to be open, honest and candid about the service we offer.


Establish and build trust and respect by keeping our promises to customers and each other.


Be ready to give help, be friendly, kind and considerate.


Be honest, sincere and act in accordance with our principles and values.


We strive to push boundaries. Creating unique technology, designed to simplify and improve lives.

Meet the Team

We’ve assembled a small but talented team based in Belfast and London, to achieve our mission. Our initial focus is on building a modern, simple to use product that makes it easy to set aside funds for the future.

Would you like to work at PiggyPot?

We’re always on the lookout for talented people interested in helping us achieve our mission.

  • Gavin Shields Gavin Shields Founder and CEO
  • Steven Hylands Steven Hylands Head of Product
  • Phil McClure Phil McClure Head of Software Development
  • Will McNeilly Will McNeilly Senior Software Developer
  • Kirsty McCrystal Kirsty McCrystal Junior Software Developer
  • Jemma Eagleson Jemma Eagleson Design & Marketing Intern

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